I started ProTheist back in 2008 with the intention of answering, defending, and explaining issues and topics relating to Christianity in ways that are easy to follow and understand without needing an advanced degree in theology.

The content here is meant to be viewed by all, and used by Christians for defense in their faith (1 Peter 3:15). Unless otherwise noted, all the content on ProTheist is composed by me, but please know ahead of time that I’m not a pastor, elder, guru, or award winning con-artist. I’m simply a nobody who believes that everybody needs to put their faith in somebody besides themselves. That somebody is the only God who is revealed through nature, science, history, and scripture.

As a Bible believing Christian, I do not find it wrong to be strategically aggressive in defending my faith and knowledge of God. No, this does not mean that I think we should be carefully planning aggressive riots where we overrun the police or pick fights with nuns. Rather, Jesus was crucified on a cross for claiming who he had many times proved himself to be… God in an earthsuit.

His message was not the kind that made people feel good about themselves, and still today, his words are too straight forward for some people to live with, pushing them to ask questions like, “Why would a loving God send me to Hell?” or “Why is being a good person not good enough to get into Heaven?

These are questions I think all followers of Christ should approach with boldness. But being bold does not require us to speak with rudeness, anger, uncertainty, or doubt. But with courage and confidence. With an attitude that shows people that you left your shame, embarrassment, and hesitation in your other pants, but your heart and love for them in your chest.

For some this will be easy, and that is good, for many envy you. But for most (myself included), this will be the greatest struggle of our lives. Even if we stand alone, we will keep preaching and teaching, while the rest of the faithful are sleeping.