While scientific accuracy does not prove the divine inspiration of a book, it does however aid it in standing apart from other books that fail to do so.

Most if not all of the other twenty-six religious writings contain false scientific claims, such as in the Qu’ran where it says that Alexander the great actually travelled West to the location where the Sun actually dips into the Earth (Surah 18:86) and that the stars in the sky are actually missiles used for ‘pelting’ satans (Surah 67:5).

The Bible however actually makes numerous true scientific claims, long before their modern day discoveries. Take the following for example:

Psalms 19:6 says that the Earth is on a circuit through space. People originally thought that the Sun was stationary, so they thought the Bible was inaccurate. But it has been shown that the Sun itself is on a circuit around the Milky Way galaxy, and even that is traveling throughout the universe.

Isaiah 40:22 talks about the circle of the Earth. While skeptics have long used this verse to try discrediting the Bible by saying that this verse leads one to believe the Earth is a flat circular disc, the word in Hebrew indicates something that is spherical, rounded, or arched. The book of Isaiah was written 740-680 BC at least 300 years before Aristotle suggested in his book On The Heavens that the Earth might be a sphere. Still in 1492 some people still thought Christopher Columbus would sail off the edge of the land when he headed West across the Atlantic.

Job 26:7 says that the Earth is suspended on nothing.Other religious cultures have claimed that the Earth sits on pillars, people and animals. Hindus believed the Earth rested on the back of an elephant which rested on the back of a turtle that swam through this endless cosmic sea. Greek mythology stated that the god Atlas carried the Earth on his back. However, it is not hard to find a photo of the Earth, with nothing supporting it on any side.

Genesis 15:5 & Jeremiah 33:22 implies that the stars are innumerable. Hiparcus, a second century astronomer and mathematician said that there were exactly 1,026 stars and Ptolemy said there was 1,056. Johanes Keppler in the seventeenth century said there were 1,006 and Gallileo upon looking through a telescope in 1608 said the Bible was right and everyone else was wrong. Modern scientists estimate that there are approximately 100,000,000,000 galaxies each containing approximately  200,000,000,000 stars. For every one of Earth?s 6.2 billion people, there is 2 trillion stars each.

Psalms 8:8 mentions the existence of ocean currents. Matthew Maury while listening to his wife read Psalms 8 took God at His word and went looking for the paths of the sea and later went on to become the father of oceanography. He used the Bible to discover the ocean?s warm and cold currents!

Job 36:27-28 describes the hydrologic cycle. This describes the movement of water as it is evaporated into the atmosphere and rained back down over land. It is found right in a portion of the Bible written over 2,000 years ago.

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