For the few who may not know, Abortion is the taking of an innocent life by killing an already fertilized human embryo. Though the famous Supreme Court decision of Roe v. Wade removed a state’s ability to prohibit women from getting abortions in 1973, the act of abortion is a practice which has been around for a very long time. The well noted philosopher and theologian Thomas Aquinas (1225 - 1275 AD) condemned the practice forty days past conception while Aristotle (384 - 322 BC) found it permissible before ‘;life and sense began’,1 but as far back as roughly 1550 BC we have mention of the practice in the Egyptian Ebers Papyrus. So we see that this topic has been disputed and argued over for millennia, and today the argument and practice is as hot as ever.

Every day in the U.S. we murder more unborn children than people who died in the September 11th attacks of 2001 (2,973 vs 3,700)2. In Russia, the ratio of abortions to births is three to one, which is a large contributing factor to the nation shrinking by as many as 700,000 people a year3. In one report, China was said to have performed over 13 million abortions in one year alone4, which does not include the millions of morning after pills purchased and unreported abortions performed.

In America the modern debate is between pro-life and pro-choice advocates. The arguments flame back and forth and accusations title people as intolerant and murderous. But either way you look at it, abortion is a practice that has gotten out of control. We are murdering far too many individuals without giving them a chance to speak or fight for themselves and all in the name of sexual freedom. So please allow me to provide my arguments against abortion before you decide to get one yourself.

What’s Wrong With Abortion?

As a Christian, I believe that life begins at conception; however, my current knowledge cannot provide enough information to prove that view. But what I can show comes pretty close in my opinion.

When a paramedic arrives at the scene of an accident and finds a body lying on the ground, the first thing they check for is a sign of life, which is typically done by looking for a pulse or a heartbeat. Additionally, in a hospital, when you hear that dreadful sound coming from the electrocardiogram indicating a ‘;flat line’ it tells you that the individual is no longer ‘;with us.’ If the activity of this hollow muscular organ is how we tell whether or not a person is alive or dead, why can’t we apply it to a fetus? Modern science has told us that at as early as twenty-one days - which is often even before the knowledge of a pregnancy - we can detect the rapid heartbeat of a fetus inside the mother’s womb. This forces us to ask the question: If we consider a person without a pulse dead and a person with a pulse alive, isn’t it reasonable to say that a fetus with a heartbeat is a living person? I think so.

But, we often hear this popular rebuttal raised by pro-choicers; that the mother has a right to do with her body what she wants and as a result may choose to murder the child inside of her. While it is in fact true that the woman may choose to do what she wants with her body, she may not however, choose to do what she wants with the child’s body inside of her. Of course opponents may say that since the baby is attached to the mother, she can remove it if she pleases, but if we allow that argument to carry weight, then conjoined twins may kill their attached sibling simply because they don’t want them around anymore, or perhaps because they are becoming a burden. But I don’t think anyone in a sane mindset would say that this is permissible.

Answering Common Claims From Abortion Supporters

In an effort to quickly dispose of several common arguments made in the name of pro-choice, I will shortly address the following:

  • We cannot say that the choice is the mother’s because the child is dependant on her for food and nourishment, because we should then for the same reasons be permitted to murder all our children whenever we get tired of providing for them even after birth.
  • We cannot say that the child should be aborted because there is a good chance of death soon after birth, because in case you didn’t know, we all die eventually, and every child deserves a choice and a chance to fight for himself, despite what the mother believes. Put simply, one should prefer to love a dying child than murder one.
  • We cannot say that the child should be aborted because there is a good chance of disability, because most disabled children grow up to live fulfilling lives despite their limitations. In addition, a child should again, be given that choice instead of someone making it for them.
  • We cannot say that when a mother decides to murder the unborn that it is just an abortion, but when someone like Scott Peterson murders his wife and child in utero that we should throw him in prison for a double homicide.
  • We cannot say that a mother is permitted to murder her child simply because they are not born yet, because locality does not determine identity. If I am sitting on a horse in Kentucky or riding a rocket around Orion’s belt, I may change my occupation, profession and position, but I do not change my identity.
  • We cannot say that just because a child is conceived out of the horrible experience of rape that it is grounds for abortion. Reason being, you’re punishing the wrong party. Even if the rapist was caught a month later, does the woman have a right to murder him? No. So why does she have the right to murder the child he participated in creating?

In complete honesty and with great hesitation, I will say that the only time I believe the option of abortion should be presented to a woman is when carrying out that pregnancy will likely end in the death of both the mother and the child. I know there are stories where people risked it and everything turned out fine, but there are also times when that same risk proved fatal. For the record, my parents were given a recommendation to abort me because of the likelihood of certain health problems that I did end up being born with; and in no way do I wish that my parents would’ve taken him up on the offer. Twenty-eight years later when it came time for me to have my first child, I made sure to let him know that I was the result of that recommendation and I am proud of the embarassed look I saw on his face.

If ever the thought of abortion comes up in your mind when you find out that you’re pregnant, before rushing down to Planned Parenthood, I encourage you to imagine that child as a rational and reasonable human being, then have a conversation with him or her and see if they think your reasons for wanting to murder them are good enough.


In closing, the Bible says in Exodus 20:13 “You shall not murder,” and I think that settles this argument pretty clearly. It is also stated in Exodus 21:22-25 that when a man caused the death of a child in the womb, that he was to be put to death himself. While this is referring to the judicial law of Israel in the Old Testament, it makes a valid point that God said that it is wrong and in all honesty that is good enough for us to stand on.

I think it is a broken world that would demand sexual freedom, but kill and curse its consequences. I think it is a sick world that would protest against animal cruelty, but demand the right to allow someone to saw a fetus into pieces. I think it is an abominable world that would rally against cutting down forests, but deem it acceptable to suck a baby’s remains out through a tube. I think it is an evil world that would complain that I didn’t use recycled trash bags, but have no problem filling them with the children they didn’t want. I think it is a mentally disturbed world that would cry out against war yet sit idly by as the greatest number of murders take place in an abortion clinic down the street.

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