What Christians Stand For

Some say that Christians should be known more for what they stand for, than what they stand against. But really, the two go hand in hand.

How All Sin Is Worship

In his book on idol worship, Timothy Keller explains how the human heart is an idol factory that mass-produces idols.1 Additionally, the central principle taught throughout the entire Bible is the rejection of idolatry2 especially since, as Martin Luther taught, if you obey the first two commandments you will naturally obey the rest. When we… (Read more)

What Does It Mean That God Is Unchanging?

Is it true that God is really unchanging? Aren’t there verses in the Bible that both affirm and deny this belief, therefore establishing that there are contradictions in the Bible? To put it simply put, No. When we say that God is unchanging, it is important that we first establish what exactly we mean by… (Read more)

Does the Bible Argue in a Circle?

In multiple places the Bible makes authoritative claims about itself. To mention a couple verses where it does this, it says it is the word of God himself (2 Timothy 3:16) and contains commands for how we ought to live (Exodus 20, 1 Corinthians 14:37). So as a result of verses like these, does the… (Read more)


An explanation as to why we should fight for the unborn and why marks the supporting society as inconsistent and selfish.

Rejection of Religion

Depending on the definition you hold, either everyone is religious or everyone besides Atheists and Christians. You decide.

The Word of God

A brief explanation of the different meanings of the term ‘Word of God.’

The Old Testament

An overview of what the Old Testament is, who wrote it, what it covers and where it ends.

Prophecies About Jesus

A detailed list of prophecies concerning Jesus Christ. This list includes verses, prophecies, fulfillments and a brief description.

5 Christian Essentials

An overview of the five essentials of the Christian faith. If you deny any one of these, you are not a Christian.