Turn on the news and you won’t have to wait long to see that there appears to be a constant battle in the public and private squares over the issues of homosexuality and same-sex-marriage. Recently, from the far side of the battlefield we have heard a new and nearly desperate cry which asks, “the Bible condemns a lot of things, so why focus on homosexuality?” The reason is both simple and complex; kind but firm; smooth but abrasive.

The simple response is this: Because it is relevant to our contemporary culture and the other side has not yet stepped down.

Really, we could state a similar question back to crier that asks “there are a lot things to fight for, why focus on homosexuality?” These questions, aimed at their opposing sides, leave the receiver with an awkward look on their face. No, not one of enlightenment, realization or correction; but one of shock that the other side would put forth such an inquiry.

Homosexuality: One of Many Battlefields

The fact of the matter is, the issues of homosexuality and same-sex-marriage are only one of many battlefields that Bible believing Christians are fighting on. Additionally, we are focusing our efforts on ending abortion, terrorism, cults, rape, and human trafficking (To name a few) while simultaneously having to defend and advance ourselves against the claims of cults, atheism and bad theologians. Let’s not forget to add that we’re spending countless hours trying to restore broken marriages, repair shattered families, teaching men to be good fathers, women to be good mothers, children to be good sons & daughters, counseling victims of sexual, mental and physical abuse, feeding the homeless, aiding the widows, working to provide for our families, taking out the trash and doing the dishes.

The fact that many in the Western Church are merely filling seats and not ministry vacancies does not help and leaves us with only a few fighters and brave souls who are willing to do what Jesus commanded in being willing to lose everything for the sake of the gospel. This small number is often spread so thin in their work that any effectiveness they have is worthy of the title ‘;Miracle’; and surely nothing less.

Why I Fight on This Field

While I cannot answer for the entirety of the Christian population, I can say that there are a number of reasons that I as a Bible believing Christian stand my ground on the issue of homosexuality and same-sex-marriage.

  1. Those involved are important to me and to God.
  2. The topic is a force multiplier where, if the wall falls, all moral grounding may go out the window.
  3. It is so damaging to the human body that I cannot stand idly by while those involved destroy themselves (See Article Here).
  4. The lifestyle, like abortion, is harmful to our survival as a species.
  5. It is contrary to the way in which God biologically designed us to behave and function.
  6. The word of God has been attacked, misinterpreted, taken out of context and it is our responsibility to defend the entirety of scripture with gentleness, respect (1 Pet 3:15) and reason (Isa 1:4).

Both sides would have to admit, there are foolish people on either side who say foolish things that get quoted to serve as evidence why the other side is wrong and our side is right. Unfortunately it is going to happen on any issue we may discuss.

However, my position on homosexuality is not one that leads me to hating lesbian women or gay men, because of their effect on behavior, education, disease, society, marriage, relationships, politics, and our country; but rather it leads me to wish that they could see and stop what they are doing to themselves, grasp the flaws in their reasoning and know that God wishes them to be rescued from their lifestyle. Not because I personally want a notch on some Board O’ Spirituality but because I want to spend eternity with as many people as possible in the new kingdom that God is preparing. What is wrong with that?

This post was inspired by an article by Jonathan Dudley titled: My Take: Bible condemns a lot, so why focus on homosexuality? Following is a list of responses to claims made within the article:


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