The battle between Roman Catholics and Protestants on their view of Justification is still as hot and controversial as ever. While many who are both inside and outside the church see the two as part of the same family, those who are more in the know are aware of the fact that each sees the other as the confused brother who misunderstood the Father.

Historically, the two sides strongly disagree on whether justification is imputed by faith alone or infused by faith plus works; additionally, there is quarreling on whether one must be baptized, pay indulgences, make penance and if one may lose his or her salvation.

R. C. Sproul wrote Justified by Faith Alone (A very short book) almost like an essay which he then expanded and sectioned out into a book. Chapter one just does a cursory overview of the issue between Roman Catholics and Protestants, but devotes one chapter to each in an effort to explore the two views separately.

In the final chapter, Sproul sums everything up well and breaks up Justification, Faith and Works in an easy to understand manner that you can write out and take with you anywhere. They are:

Roman Catholicism: Faith + Works = Justification
Protestant: Faith = Justification + Works
Antinomian: Faith = Justification - Works

Overall, the book is good with a few fancy Latin terms thrown in which always make the experience enjoyable. However, along with the lack of scriptural references, the audio book format made it somewhat hard to follow as I often got the impression that the whole publication was bullet points that were being read out loud, which can get dreary at times. But seeing as the book is just barely over an hour long, it is similar to listening to an English accented Ben Stein lecture on History for one period in High School; which is not a stab at the reader, but  the format of the book.

In conclusion, I give this book a good rating mainly because while the style of the book is somewhat dull, the content is worth a read; especially if you are engaged with people over the topic.

Sola fide et simul justus et peccator! (By faith alone and at the same time just and sinner)

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