In many of the debates that I have watched, listened to or personally attended between adherents of Christianity and atheism, the topic of morality tends to come up often as it is a rather intriguing one for both sides. For the Christian, our morals are founded on God as they are a reflection of his nature. However, for the atheists who do not agree with Nietzche, a common explanation goes something like: “Over the ages we have developed morals, and a sense of right and wrong as a mental effort to ensure our survival as a species.” In other words, morals are a cognitive evolution.

While it is not my intention to offend, anger or insult, there is something I find to be somewhat hypocritical in the foundation of morality and the message pushed by atheism. This is not an argument for God’s existence by any stretch, but more a identification of inconsistency.

Marketing Plan of Atheism

It is no secret that most of the new atheists have a marketing plan that Christians do not, or at least should not, personally adopt. This plan often involves offensive and degrading comments, crude and disrespectful conduct and the call for the elimination of us pesky little people who are mentally disabled due to our belief that it’s not all about us.

Additionally, a flagship flavor of Kool-Aid that the realm of atheism has distributed is one of sexual liberation. They manufacture bullets engraved with the Bible verses that tell us to refrain from promiscuity, homosexuality and abortion and package them in boxes labelled ‘;Sexual Repression’ and ‘;Freedom Elimination.’ It appears that the axiom of atheism is that if religion would just perform a miracle and disappear, then all the world’s problems would magically vanish.

No more Jesus freaks who tell us to get married and stay faithful, while voting to protect marriage from the hostile takeover of homosexuals, polygamists, polyamorists and beastialitists, in addition to their picketing outside the places we kill our children.

A Flaw of Atheism

There is a particular problem however with the marketing plan of atheism. If atheism explains morals by saying that they have developed over time to help further ensure the survival of the species, and that therefore we ought to do whatever it takes to do so, shouldn’t they also be against things like promiscuity, homosexuality and abortion?

Promiscuity is the leading cause of sexually transmitted diseases which causes millions of deaths a year. In 2009, HIV alone killed 1.8 million people1 and an estimated 65 million Americans live with STD’s today2. Call it repressive, but I’ll take monogamy with my beautiful wife over death by disease any day.

Additionally, it is no secret that homosexual intercourse causes extreme damage to the body, spreads disease, destroys the immune system and takes years off the lives of those involved. Failure to inform those caught up in this lifestyle could nearly be considered second degree murder, yet it is considered intolerant, which is horribly defined, to do so.

Finally, abortion kills more people every day in the U.S. alone than all the people who died in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Yet for some reason, people herald religion as the bad guy while on their way to ship their kids off to the dump in plastic bags.


Please, if I am to take you seriously and if you really want to be considered consistant in your own nearly religious beliefs of atheism, I would expect to see you out there telling others to practice monogamy, exhorting homosexuals to leave their dangerous lifestyle and teaching mothers to love their children instead of bury them. In the end, on your view, what’s more important; survival of the species or survival of the preferences?

“Come let us reason together (Isa 1:18).” If you are a faithful adherent to atheism I welcome you to fight along our side for the survival of our species, and we as Christians will fight along your side for the renewing of our souls.

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