When it comes to you being a Christian, we know that there will be no escape from criticism and mockery. But what I cannot help but notice is that no matter what side of the spectrum you fall, in your church or in your Christian walk, the world still finds a way to label you, “evil.” Take these for example:

The Church

If a church focuses too much on those immediately around them, they are charged with neglecting the starving in Africa. If they pay too much attention to the starving in Africa, they are guilty of not helping those immediately around them.

If a church has a building that’s too fancy, they must be money hungry. If their church meets in a living room, they must be doing something wrong.

If a church uses projectors to display worship lyrics and Bible verses, they are lavish and trendy. If they don’t use projectors, they are outdated and stingy.

If a church has a rock band for a worship team, they are just for show. If they only have a pipe organ, they are just for old people.

If a church calls sinners to repentance, they are being judgmental. If they fail to address sin, they are being spineless.

The Christian

If a Christian is wealthy, their faith is only a show. If a Christian is poor, their faith is only a crutch.

If a Christian has a savings account, they’re selfish. If they give it all away, they’re foolish.

If a Christian drinks alcohol, they’re being rebellious. If they don’t drink alcohol, they’re being uptight.

If a Christian can defend their faith, they take it too seriously. If they can’t defend it, they don’t take it seriously enough.

If a Christian isn’t Jesus, they are criticized. If they are Jesus, they are crucified.

The Conclusion

I cannot help but think that even if every Christian were picture perfect, the world would still hate us because it first hated Christ (John 15:18).

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