Religion Is Just Man’s Ideas Painted On God’s Face

It has been said that people just take their own thoughts and opinions of how we should act or live and paint them on the face of God, and thereby make a new religion. Then people who have identical moral or theological beliefs grip on to that religion claiming it to be the only way…. (Read more)

Violence in the Old Testament

A brief explanation as to why and how God could call for the violence and war against people in the Old Testament.

Christians Who Live Like Hell

A response to the objection that appeals to Christians who fail to live like Christ and succeed at living like Hell.

If God, Why Evil?

A simple and clear response to the objection against Christianity and God from the apparent problem of evil.

Doctrine of Hell

Some people object to the doctrine of Hell as being unloving, but really it is of the most loving things God does for those who hate him.