The teaching of Christian doctrine is incredibly important in the church today. Without a fully proper and systematic understanding of the Bible, what it says, why it says it and what we should do, think and believe as a result, we are bound to fall deeper and deeper into unchristian lifestyles.

The analogy I often use is that our Christian faith journey is similar to a voyage across an ocean on a cruise ship. On this adventure, the study and adherence to proper Christian doctrine takes the place of the guardrail; without it, we will undoubtedly eventually fall into an unfathomable ocean of false beliefs that can harm and possibly even kill our faith.

The articles written in this section are the result of my own personal study time, wherein I slowly and cautiously went over each topic so that I could more fully understand it. In no way do I consider my knowledge of any particular topic complete, which is why my writings will be prone to change as I continue to learn, which is why I am honestly open to correction and discussion on anything written here.