It is often spoken by Christians that the Bible is inspired by God. In my honest opinion, I believe that many Christians say this primarily because their pastor often repeats it and in all honesty could not give an accurate definition of what it really means as a result of the term passing far into the world of ‘;Christianeeze’ and ‘;Bible Jargon’. This article is written to help remedy what may be a difficult doctrine to understand - as it once was for me.

This doctrine of the Bible being inspired by God is taken from verses including 2 Timothy 3:16-17 and 2 Peter 1:21. As Christians we believe that the message of the Bible was given to us by God himself, and the authors wrote that message in their own words. To help us further understand this, we can use the following analogy:

Imagine you're a kid, and your dad comes to you and asks you to write this year's Christmas card letter. So you sit down at the computer and while writing your dad comes in and tells you, "hey, don?t forget to talk about your grades this last year, and tell them about what we did for Thanksgiving. Oh, and don?t forget to mention how you miraculously scored that game winning touchdown last June. That was awesome!"

So you do as you were told and write about all these things, which are of course in your own words. Then after you are finished with the letter, to make sure you got everything right, you go and verify with your mom, brothers, sisters, friends, and team mates that everything you wrote is valid and true. As long as it meets their criteria, your letter will be considered as an authentic, flawless record which was inspired all along by your father's request.

This is what is meant by the Bible being inspired by God and this is how we know that it does not contain any significant mistakes. For instance, one of the methods that was used to test the inspiration of scripture were the first-hand eyewitnesses of Jesus’ ministry themselves! Since many of them were still alive during the time that the New Testament was written, if there was any false records or claims in the document, it was one way they knew the letter was or was not to be believed as being given by God and therefore was not worthy to be considered part of the Bible.

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