Jesus has a human body of flesh and bones. Contrary to the beliefs of some other cults, Jesus was born of a woman in a human body, died in a human body and - most importantly - was resurrected in a human body.

It is incredibly important that we correctly understand the two separate natures of Jesus (Human and Divine) otherwise we eventually fall into very dangerous errors and assumptions about who he is. For example; by neglecting his divine nature, we will see him only as a simple man who did nice things for people, but by neglecting his human nature, we will see him only as a figment of our imagination and perhaps as much as an angelic being who passed on wisdom.

There are numerous passages in the Bible which confirm the humanity of Jesus.

Jesus Proved His Humanity

Before Crucifixion

  • Was born of a woman (Luk 2:7)
  • Grew up to become strong and wise (Luk 2:40, 52)
  • Marvelled at people's faith (Mat 8:10)
  • Wept for his friends (Jhn 11:35)
  • Became tired (Jhn 4:6)
  • Became thirsty (Jhn 19:28)
  • Became hungry (Mat 4:2)
  • Became weak (Luk 23:26)
  • Became troubled (Jhn 12:27, 13:21)
  • Became sorrowful (Mat 26:38)
  • Died on the cross (Luk 23:46)

After Crucifixion

  • Showing his disciples the wounds in his hands and feet and even inviting them to touch him (Luk 24:39; Jhn 20:20, 27, 21:13)
  • Consumming food (Luk 24:41-43)
  • Telling a woman to stop clinging to his body (Jhn 20:17)

After he did all these things, he ascended into Heaven (Luk 24:50-51; Acts 1:9) to return to the right hand of God the Father (Mrk 16:19; Acts 2:33).

Based off of the provided verses plus the historical data of what resulted from Jesus' ministry, we can trust that there was something indeed different about this man. He wasn't just a typical human with a provocative message, and was not some spirit that appeared to a select group of people, but in fact, Jesus is God in flesh.

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