Often found among the groups of people who call themselves ‘;Agnostics’ or ‘;Deists’ is the claim that it is arrogant and prideful to say that we as Christians (Or adherents to any theistic system of belief) can know anything about God, let alone have a personal relationship with him. To respond to this accusation, we need to really answer three questions in one:

  1. What does it mean to know God?
  2. Is it arrogant to say we know God?
  3. What story do we believe?

What Does It Mean To Know God?

To know God goes beyond simply acknowledging faith that he exists. It asserts that we can truly know about him, actually enter into relationship with him in a personal manner. While we are not so bold as to say that we know everything about God, we are confident to belief that we know something about him.

Think about it in relation to a friendship or marriage. While you can definitely know many things about the other person, perhaps more than anyone else, but you will never know the details of every second, thought or desire they have experienced. It is just not within our ability to know! Likewise, we can get a glimpse of God through scripture when it tells us that he is love (1 John 4:8), just (Isaiah 30:18), spirit (John 4:23), righteous (Romans 3:26) and so on, but truly the depth of his wisdom, power and knowledge is unfathomable (Psalms 139:6, 147:5).

Is It Arrogant To Say We Know God?

Absolutely not. Often when this claim is being made, the Christian is being held under the microscope of a worldview he or she does not hold and being told to explain themselves. Agnostics are known for saying that even if God does exist, we cannot know anything about him; but how do they know that? Christians on the other hand are a little more open to the possibility that God can and has made himself known both in nature and history.

In a sense, the accuser is saying “Surely, if there is a person who built the house I live in, there is no way that individual can make himself known to me.” But of course we could evaluate the quality of the builder’s work by looking at the care and detail he put in to its construction and he could definitely come by one day and introduce himself to us and give us a couple pointers to keep the home in good condition. If this is possible with a home builder, why not of God?

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books of the bible: 1 John, Isaiah, John, Psalms, Romans